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Service Concept

Service Concept


Hogg floor will provide comprehensive, close to the user and meticulous service, thus making the customer get better consumer experience.

ISO standard type service processes: choose services - design services - installation services - supervision service - maintenance services - return service.

Established in national hogg wood industry chain operation service system and customer resource management system, all customers can enjoy the company hogg unified service policy, if you through formal channels to buy our products, we are happy to provide you with an all-around support service, if your region of sellers fail to perform the company's service promise, you can directly to the complaint and resolved (free service hotline: 86-400-7031616)


  • 豪格地板

    Before sale
    Free hotline offers product information consultation service;
    Free promotional materials.

  • 豪格地板

    During sale
    Exemption from the house, but the telephone order;
    Free for the customer provides door-to-door measurements,
    Full-time personnel responsible for installation and quality supervision, to ensure smooth installation.

  • 豪格地板

    Through the quality guarantee certificate from the local agent limited user service quality guaranty directly,
    Throughout the country sales outlets, users can get prompt service.