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Haoge Flooring-- Champion Quality With True "Core"

Haoge Flooring-- Champion Quality With True "Core"

Company News
2015/03/12 21:10

"China Top Ten Flooring Brands", "Top 500 Brands in China ", "National Quality Trustworthy Product", "CCTV Network Strategic Partners", "China National Fencing Team's Designated Wooden Flooring,"...

Haoge Flooring have won all these honors since its establishment. Maybe you  don't know why Haoge Flooring can win all these honors in a short five years' time! In fact,it is due to we applied "true core"in our flooring products,which is high quality standard HDF boards. Why we say it is true core,we can test by ourselves,we can cut the board into small pieces and dip it in hot water for 30 mins, we will see the small pieces are still in similar shape as it used to be before put in water. If you compare with some other brands' cut flooring pieces,you probably will see very big difference! How we can be so confident about our ture is because we have our own HDF board factory, in this way, we can control quality very well.

In the future, we will keep on improve the quality for each flooring components in order to make the end products--laminate flooring with very high level quality.

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