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All employees hot spring expand trip

All employees hot spring expand trip

Company News
2012/05/22 10:29


How to rich thespare life of the employees, but also improve the staff to work attitude, self-confidence, team cooperation? In CHINA NATIONAL FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRY CORP. Held such a activities- -" hot spring township development"


Days before dawn, under the leadership of the coach came to the destination. Everyone in the expanding clothing, all look of spirit, in high spirit, show me the company united spiritual style.


Then began a warm up before the training. The content of the warming up in your group is, in the group discussion the team name, design the badge, team training, creative team song.


The next challenge the first project is hot wheels invincible. Props requirement is: the newspaper, duct tape. Game play: a group of the use of newspapers and duct tape to produce a can accommodate all the team members enclosed the big circle, it will ring up in command by captain aside, the team members stand to circle while rolling big circle above. Each team for the game. The main purpose is to develop activities staff together, close cooperation, to overcome the difficult team spirit; Training plan, organization and coordination ability; Training to obey the command, and strict working attitude; Enhance players of mutual trust and understanding.


The second project is bead line miles, each set of article 12 20 cm half of the plastic pipe, a glass beads. Pick up the plastic pipe into a channel, let glass bead smooth in the plastic pipe rolling to 50 meters outside of the paper cups. The project's goal is to learn about personal advantage vulnerable; Team members role; Master team innovation and overcome the barriers of team communication skills.


Everyone from be born in the team since not all grow up, go to school is, work too. Through this field team training activities, let everyone on team consciousness and the role of the individual in the team to the deep feeling. A good team must have clear goals. Only set clear goals to make a team produce collective action direction and action, this whether personal or team in the work must be established.


And in a lot of the seemingly simple games require very tough, each player only together can obtain the final victory.


In the real world, in the work, in the world to promote personality and more emphasis should be the unity and cooperation, whether internal departments, or between departments, only solidarity, each of them has the whole body and mind to his team, the work will step by step onto the steps of the update. Training is over, but in my heart shock is forever. Training time is short, the harvest is great. Review in training the challenges and honed by, the feeling is quite deep. The training, is a physical and mental big baptism, is further they went all out well each work force. It is not only a simple exercise, but a kind of culture, a spirit, a kind of idea; And it is also a kind of thinking, a kind of test, a kind of spirit.