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All the staff of the company attend field training

All the staff of the company attend field training

Company News
2012/05/16 21:11

In order to enrich the company enterprise culture, CHINA NATIONAL FOREST PRODUCTS INDUSTRY CORP department of ground material implementation "encourage employees to expansion plan", the organization's theme of "know post the role, more implementation, improve team consciousness" as the theme of the interactive training training activities. Test the employee can't give up of perseverance and team work spirit, from the employee of the company leadership to join us.

After collection, activity formally started, at the discretion of the lead, organized activities have the discipline to positions. Each other between staff together and learn each other, help each other, overcome a and a difficulty, strengthened to understand each other. This for future mutuallycoordinates, mutual support team spirit and whole consciousness, improve relationship, increase mutual communication and information exchange is favorable.
The morning's goal is to physical stamina training, coach to group members are difficult task, unfinished group all accept the punishment, push-ups, while the woman privilege find representative instead of punishment. The exercise is 20 push-ups arm strength.
In the next challenge is water park wisely and bravely play rushed off, there are all kinds of entertainment fitness equipment, a blood boiling. The main is a trial of strength and wisdom you, let we realized profoundly strong leadership, reasonable plan, strict organization, the unity cooperation, strictly carry out to our collective task is complete how important a team everyone ACTS as a different role, a decision makers, a counsellor, a performer. But every character is an integral member of the team. This needs to be in the team the overall goals and interests as the first, to make full use of their talents and function, make the team to realize "unity, hard work, responsible, and high efficiency".
In the fierce team in the game, several people stand out, and the fellow citizens of the female also unwilling fall behind, scrambling to encourage, strength. Just started to everyone "we, hasty and ignore the strength of the collective, in not make feasible scheme, start to take action, the whole project is not able to make reasonable planning, to take a few curved road. Later, in under the command of the leadership, final with good results completed the task.
Happy time always is a special fast, this activity already over successfully, all around after communicate with the activity result, each project is the coach careful arrangement, main is to want to let them learn daily work should pay attention to management method, first of all, a good team must have clear goals; Secondly, in the face of difficulties and challenges, team cohesion, care about each other, incentive, tolerance, suggest that more united virtually team. Again, on behalf of the direction of the decision maker team and the general situation, to need to have good analysis ability, judgment and decision making skills, the general situation consciousness and team consciousness. More to give them a precious spiritual wealth!