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How to select high grade wood floor

How to select high grade wood floor

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2012/05/22 10:37

First,the kinds fo wood floor are including: solid wood floor, compound floor, laminate wood floor, etc.


1, solidl wood floor:

Solid wood floor is lumber don't fight, do not meet processing from the ground plate, a warm downy, natural pleasant, sound insulation, the foot feels good, etc.

(1) the classification of solid wood floor

Ⅰaccording to different processing appearance, can be divided into even mouth floor (ping meet wood floor) and tongue-and-groove floor (joggle wood floor).

Ⅱaccording to the different processing methods can be divided into spelling a flower and vertical wood floor board.

(2) identification of solid wood

Ⅰtexture: is the standard of good or bad judge floor, there are rules of texture beautiful and easy, don't choose those texture desultorily floor.

Ⅱcolor: the solid wood floor board should have high quality natural tonal, clear wood grain, and the material of the visible to the naked eye. If the floor surface color deposed, lacquer layer is thick may be is to disguise floor of the surface defects and intended, in the floor for six surface closed paint especially when need to pay attention to.

Ⅲrift: medium and low grade floor have crack is inevitable, but not too much. Some schism splits in the wood texture between, the crack do not extend, can be at ease use, but some crack is through the texture, then don't purchase, because these cracks will stretch out, have very big negative influence to the future.

Ⅳsub: that is JieBa, can be divided into living quarter and dead section. As a natural products is not may not have sub, reasonable distribution of living quarter, it will wood is more beautiful. Classy article are not allowed to have defects of the existence of the sub, national regulation: every 3 mm in diameter than live sub than 2 mm in diameter and the and no falls off, very close type of death are not as a sub unfairness sub.

In addition, some floor is the tree bark and near the heart materials made of materials, beware of businessmen ask price level. Some of the wood floor is made by the amount of bug eat by moth, and left many bug, this kind of floor wood is not very good, when buying, should be careful. BR (3) to the floor. Wood floor.

Solid wood floor choice

Ⅰof the bedroom should consider when select material ground conditions, for example bungalow or building ground floor, because contact the ground directly, humidity is big, should choose Chinese catalpa wood, Korean pine, white loose floor, because of these 3 kinds of lumber love after the tide is out of shape not easily.

Ⅱas the nation's cities in different geographical position, the local balance moisture content each are not identical, when the choice should be to sales professionals consulting, so as to be able to buy water cut and balance moisture content in the balance when floor (Beijing area in moisture content 11%).



2, laminate wood floor

Aggrandizement compound wood floor is high, medium density fiberboard as base material, the surface by wear-resisting layer, adornment paper is made. As a new energy-saving material that lay the ground, it has a unique advantage. First of all, aggrandizement is compound wooden floor of the main raw material from artificial crash forest areas, forestry, branches material, from to protect the forest's point of view, shop for human it overheating pressure strengthen treatment, overcome the solid wood factory floor wet bilge drying shrinkage of weakness, size stability also stronger than the latter; Thirdly aggrandizement is compound wooden floor design, color, variety, simulation of wide lei; Fourth, aggrandizement is compound wooden floor structure reasonable design, installation is convenient; Second, aggrandizement is compound wooden floor without wax, polishing surface treatment, maintain simple, easy cleaning; It six, its surface finish and wear-resisting performance is much higher than the solid wood floor.

Choose laminate wood floor board need to pay attention to the following:

(1) formaldehyde to release a quantity to our country national regulation, not more than 1.5 mg/L which conform to the national standard

(2) the wear-resisting revolution household the wear-resisting of compound floor turn a surname several frequency should be 6000 turn, public place shall quartile 10000 turn, otherwise, use 1-3 years later in May appear different degree of damage.

(3) of breed of design and color can accept in price to choose their XiYi within the design and color is the final purpose, and keep the inspection without decorative pattern flaws.


Second, of floor of wood of choose and buy, installation should be considered when factors

1, choice of consumer satisfied after-sales service or the trust household market.

2, to compare, for the same design, the same brand products, from quality, price, and service, and other comprehensive consideration.

Three, the businessman to product environmental protection material inspection report.

4, invoices, contracts on the floor of the material must be clearly, specifications, quantity, the price, the amount.

5, the purchase of wooden floor, sales contract must be filled in on the floor of the formal name, and not is commonly known as, beware of some merchants shoddy, suspected. For example, in order to improve the level and the floor price, with "the son Beijing wood" pretend to be "red wingceltis" to cheat consumers.

6, before the shop floor, consumer should be timely acceptance the floor of the quantity, quality, specifications, design and color, and materials, and the requirements of choose and buy is consistent.

7, in principle to buy the floor of laid of any who let, never to laid, lest appear quality problem after mutual buck-passing, make you suffered unnecessary loss.


Three, wood floor maintain

1, keep the floor a dry, clean, do not allow use a water mop the floor, or with buck, soap water clean the floor, lest destroy paint surface gloss.

2, keep the room ventilation, it is strictly prohibited to long time lock door window, lest floor the drum, deformation.

3, try to avoid the sun, lest surface paint long-term in ultraviolet ray under the irradiation of aging, cracking in advance.

4, local board face immodesty stain should keep clear of, if there is pollution, can use dishcloth dips in warm water washing powder with a few swab, if drugs or paint, must be in smear infiltration woodiness surface at the end of the before be cleared.

5 every three months, the best play a wax (laminate wood floor except), before waxing floor surface besmirch to clean up. Often wax and can keep the floor of the finish, prolong the service life of the floor.

6, avoid sharp implements scratches on the ground, try to avoid dragging