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Rustic Wenge
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Rustic Wenge

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Rustic Wenge




Item Name

Laminate flooring



Formaldehyde Release


Absoring water thickness expansion rate


Shock Resistance


Abrasion Resistance


Overlay Paper

American MEAD

Fireproofing Grade





Flat/high gloss/matte


10pcs/carton,54carton/pallet,20pallet/20’ft container,1750m2/container.


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Why Choose Haoge Laminate Flooring?

Haoge Laminate flooring,being trusted for reliable quality,offers expansive colors and designs to meet the personal style of all customers.Our aim is bring value to your life and make life easier.

1.       Environment-friendly

E0/E1 substrate protects your health from possible harm caused by excessive emission of formaldehyde in your daily life.

2.       Broad choice of tasteful styles

With our colorful designs you can create your own residential style.

3.       Stable high quality

Professional manufacture with advanced technology and equipment assures the quality of being reliable.

4.       Durability

Resistant to scratches,dents,and dings,moisture and wear-through.Quality raw material is beneficial to the service life of flooring.

5.       Easy to install,maintain,care

You can install by yourself if you are handy.Just sweep as needed and map occasionally.

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Product Workshop &HDF Technical Advantage

1.Italian TOCCHIO impregnating production line,

2.German KUESTERS continous press production line,

3.American AF formaldehyde purifying production line,

4.German Homag splitting equipment.

Points for attention before installation:

1.       Your subfloor must be clean,flat,firm,and dry.

2.       Please do not fix planks to your subfloor with nail or glue.

3.       Expansion gap of 8-12mm should be left between planks and walls or other fixed objects.The expansion space should be necessare under the door between tow rooms when the flooring goes through.

4.       When connected to damp places such as bath room or kitchen room,it is necessary to take measures to prevent water leaking to flooring.


Installation Procedure

1.Lay one 2mm-thick high-density polythene foam on the subfloor

Seal the tie-in of the polythene adjoining foams closely with wide adhesive tape.

2.Begin with the left side of the room and lay the first full piece with the tongue side of the flooring facing the wall.

3.If the remaining piece from the last plank of previous row is over 300mm,it can be used to start the next row.

4.The last row in the installation may need to be cut lengthwise.

5.During the installation,tap any gap joints together gently when and where necessary with hammer and tapping block.

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Maintenance guide:

Following proper cares should invite your attention in daily use:

1.Do daily cleaning just with well squeezed wet rag.

2.When moving big or heavy thing,handle with care.Do not pull or push.

3.Do not use strong acid or strong base to clean the floor.

4.Avoid long-time direct contact with high temperature media.

5.To clean oily dirt,just use soft cleaning agent.

6.Do not flush with water.

Pictures after installation

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