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I want to buy healthy and eco-friendly products. There are a lot of materials with green label and some E0-level products. Are there so many eco-friendly products?

Now people own environmental awareness. The healthy products are selected by more and more consumers. 
Under this circumstance, many enterprises strive to promote the product quality, develop and research healthy and eco-friendly products, and win the market by virtue of excellent products. However, some illegal manufacturers sell seconds at best quality prices and cheat customers. In 2005, many floor brands put forward E0 concept. E0 is the most rigorous standard in the industry and was put forward by Japan based on the European highest standard—E1. It is hard to reach the standard.
Chairman of China National Forest Product Industry Association, Zhang Senlin, said when he was interviewed, “There are no less than 10 brands with E0 labels, but only two or three brands can reach E0 standard.”
According to the report, the principal of China Indoor Environment Monitoring Center said “more than 80% of green labels are imitated or made by themselves.”
There are not so many E0 products and eco-friendly products. We should pay more attention to the strength of the manufacturers when selecting the floor board. The eco-friendliness of the floor board lies in the base material. The source of the base material should be investigated when selecting floor board. If the base material is produced by the floor manufacturer, the quality can be evaluated. If the base material is purchased, please ask to provide the name of the manufacturer. According to statistics, many small manufacturers produce base materials which fail to reach the standard. In addition, the consumers should require the floor board sellers to provide the latest base material purchase order to ensure the quality of the current base materials.
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