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Investment Policy

Investment Policy

  As one of the brands of China National Forest Products Industry Corporation, Haoge floor owns the following business advantages! (Furen floor is another brand of China National Forest Products Industry Corporation)

  Brand Advantage
  Haoge floor is produced by Fuzhou Yilida Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Yilida Wood Industry Co., Ltd., located in Houyu Industrial Park, Fuzhou, is a large professional manufacturer of laminate floor and veneer. Our company mainly produces laminate floor and melamine veneer, owns capital of RMB 70 million, covers an area of 130,000 square meters, annually yields laminate floor with an area of 5 million square meters and becomes the domestic large floor manufacturer.

  Strategic Partners
  i. China National Forest Products Industry Corporation
  ii. Fujian Furen Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  iii. Fujian Zhongfu Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
  iv. The Industrial Park Experimental Base (The School of Material Engineering of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University)

  Technical Advantage
  1. Our company adopts the international advanced standard as the technical index of the products, develops strict production detection program and produces classic, healthy and eco-friendly floor. “Haoge” floor reaches the industry advanced level and our products are exported to Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, etc.
  2. Product Structure of Haoge Floor
  A. Wear Layer: The special 45g wear resistant paper for laminate floor produced by MEAD is used. .
  B. Decorative Paper: The decorative paper produced by the European famous factories is imported. It is made by photomechanical printing according to the grain of the precious trees, and is featured by clear wood grain and strong sense of layer. The floor is UV resistant and non-discoloring owing to the unique ink and printing technology.
  C. Base Material: Furen dampproof high-density base materials made of different trees own good humidity resistance and good dimensional stability. The emission of formaldehyde reaches E0-level enterprise level, safe and eco-friendly.
  D. Equilibrium Layer: The special melamine impregnation paper is adopted to ensure the dimensional stability of floor and prevent water seepage.

  Service Support Advantage
  The industry competition changes from product function, packaging and marketing tricks to the overall operation ability. Our company takes the service system as the core system and strives to create the core competitiveness of Haoge brand system through the high efficiency and perfection of the service system.
  The service system includes: Product R&D System and Quality Assurance System, Logistics Distribution System, The Financial Settlement Service System, Operation Support Service System, Management Support Service System, Execution Assistance Service System.

  Policy Advantage
  The headquarters provides part of the store decoration fee
  The headquarters sends special personnel in charge of the store design and decoration guidance. The maximum subsidy is RMB400/m2.

  The headquarters provides support for opening activities
  The headquarters sends the marketing team to plan and implement the opening activities. The company distributes various gifts and ensures a good beginning.

  Advertisement Support
  The company places advertisements when the store is open and gives play to the brand effect.

  Manpower and Technical Support
  Site selection, decoration, sample layout, training and assessment of shopping guides, plan and implementation of the opening activities, development of shopping guide tools, plan and implementation of activities in the residential districts, plan and implementation of promotion activities on important holidays.

  Financial and Material Support
  Publicity material, tools for promotion activities, advertising, the decoration of the exclusive shop, samples.