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360° Stereometric Lock

360° Stereometric Lock


Moisture, aldehydes zero grade, durable

Special moisture
Boiled substrate using moisture do the floor, the floor difference other substrates using non-moisture do the floor.
Sealing wax and use infrared technology to further enhance the moisture resistant.
Time overall molding technology, to prevent direct contact with the air base, effective control of the floor wet.

Zero formaldehyde level
Use E0 class environmental base, core environmental protection.
Integrally molded disposable patent lock, so that the floor no longer afraid of moisture, the floor is not moldy.
E0 class environmental technology base wax infiltration by four sides, but the complete elimination of formaldehyde translation.

Durable times
Frame technology completely eliminate the ingress of moisture, effectively control the damp floor deformation, from the dark problem.
Patented technology framework to effectively control shrinkage wet floor expansion, do not pull the seam floor, the use of more stable.
Frame lock easily bump the floor, surrounded by more durable protection, better use of secondary disassembly.