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5 Defences

5 Defences


Water proof:
1. Use the moisture boiled base to do the floor, different from other floor substrate using a non-moisture do the floor.
2. At the same time a unique infrared technology in and around the wax infiltration technology to further enhance the moisture resistant.
3.360 ° stereo copolymer technology and atmospheric moisture to prevent direct contact with the substrate.
Mildew: 360 ° perspective copolymer technology, mold and wood base complete isolation, not mildew.
Anti-pull seam: Haug frame floor during use are not subject to air temperature and humidity to prevent the seam floor during use pull phenomenon.
Anti-shedding: Haug frame floor by floor lock to prevent uneven depth, resulting in shedding phenomenon.
Anti-warped: According to statistics, 90% of the ordinary floor damage is beginning from the corner, perfect protection floor framework Haug corner, extend the life of the floor.